System 76 Releases Wild Dog Pro

On October 20th, System 76 announced the release of its latest and greatest desktop, the Wild Dog Pro. Wild Dog has a variety of top-of-the-line customizable configurations for the best possible video editing, media creating, software engineering, and computer-aided designing experience available. The device offers high-end processing capabilities for the most demanding games in circulation and was described as “the absolute latest and greatest in hardware innovation” by Carl Richell (who is, admittedly, the president of System76).

Wild Dog is priced at $769 and comes preinstalled with Ubuntu 15.10 (also known as Wily Werewolf), so buyers can expect a cutting-edge operating system to go along with their top-of-the-line hardware.

The default desktop is set to Unity. Users can install other Linux desktop environments and distributions if they so please. Users can choose between a sixth-generation Intel multicore, a multithreaded Core i5 Skylake processor, or the Intel i7 water-cooled 6700K processor. The chipset is Intel H170 Express.

Wild Dog has a dual-channel DDr4 @ 2133 MHz up to 64 GB. In addition, users can opt into either the Intel HD Graphics 530 or an Nvidia graphics card up to GTX 980 with up to 4 GB.

One of the handier accoutrements of the Wild Dog is its possession of a variety of ports and accessory connectors, including front and rear data ports for both USB 3.0 Type-A, USB 2.0 Type-A and USB 3.1 Type-C. The power supply is rated 500W to provide 80 percent or greater power efficiency.

wild dog pro2

Ever trend setting, System76 has become one of the first industry leaders to omit Adobe Flash from its newly remastered software images. The company claims that the absence of Flash is due to some security concerns as well as the fact that Flash is no longer totally necessary for a full internet experience.

The Wild Dog is not designed to be light, small and portable. First and foremost it is meant to be powerful and durable.

“While thin and light computers and all-in-ones are a great fit for some users, they sacrifice performance and storage to achieve their size,” explains Richell. “The wild Dog Pro is designed for creators and engineers that don’t want to make sacrifices. It’s quiet, powerful and beautiful.”

As Richell confirms, the Wild Dog Pro targets engineers, designers and other professionals who appreciate or need high-end technical features and performance.

Charles King, principal analyst of Pund-IT posits, “There are more of those folks than you might think, especially in technically savvy companies that develop their own Linux-based applications and tools in-house.”

“The Wild Dog Pro units sell at a premium,” he continues, “but System76’s ongoing success suggests that there is a sizable audience for thoughtfully and well-designed Linux-based desktop systems.”

Reviewers also love the Skylake processor, which gives them the opportunity to “completely arm themselves with the power needed to accomplish their tasks with brimming confidence.” (System76 again).

The internet is definitely raving- better get out there and check out Wild Dog for yourself!

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