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Trump Back Pedals After Email Collusion

The Republican Presidential candidate Donald J Trump tried to back pedal on some of the collusion and illegal statements he made this week regarding national security and email security. His major line of reasoning was that he believed that they were made in jest, and were not to be taken seriously, if only he admitted that is how all statements that leave his mouth should be viewed. Among other things, Trump suggested that Russian central intelligence services should look for more than 30,000 deleted emails belonging to former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and reveal them to the world. The Donald Sayith, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’ll be able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing, I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.” This in many respects was seen as incentive’s acts against the United States of American, which if committed by one of its own citizens would constitute acts of treason.

So for the Trump campaign this is damage control number one, and people aren’t really going forget it. “In general, I believe that the Russia related allegations floating around are completely inadequate and inappropriate,” said Yuri Melnik who is the press secretary for the Russian Embassy to the U.S. who declined to comment to any of the specific comments by Trump or anyone else, and said he had no knowledge of Trumps dealings in Russia. What makes this case particularly sticky is the fact that Trump said that members of the press would reward them for their involvement in their ascertainment of sensitive materials, we accept this as the first premise. Then the second premise is that Trump by all accounts of the word is kind of the media he is referring to, so he is in a very loose way saying that he would either directly or indirectly fund things that could be seen as acts of war against the United States of America. 

Melnik went on to say that, ” in general, I believe that the Russia related allegations floating around are completely inadequate and inappropriate, its surprising how childish the narrative is.” He goes on that, “at a time when the U.S. is confronting serious cyber security threats from foreign adversaries the comments of the Republican candidate for President are beyond reckless.”

“whether its removed from the recipients systems and servers has no impact on the data’s continued existence in the myriad systems that it moved through prior to arrival, or was copied to if those systems were themselves compromised.”

Anyway you slice it, there is definitely a hit to Hillary and her campaign as well as Trump and his place in the American Spotlight, but more importantly there is a serious loss to the American people. How the hell did we get here, and is idiocracy really coming to fruition. The constitution is always seen as a document that has an answer at every turn, but in this case we may very well be out of luck, and up a creek with no pedal.

Brexit Blindsides English Tech Industry

In London many tech and media companies are set to bolt town in the wake of the Brexit. Many are beginning to wonder if this could be the end of London’s position as Europe’s  media capital of the continent.  Since the begining of the television revolution, London has been there to answer the call, and more importantly collect those dollars of the market. London in many ways has long been seen as the finacial and media capital of the world just behind the United States of America. American tech and media companies such as Facebook and Google have hube offices there, and it’s an English speaking toehold for American firms doing business on the continent.

Now to put this in the context of recent developments most notably the Brexit. This does not mean that there aren’t consequences for the firms in the media and business sectors that are based out of London. In fact its quite the opposite really. According to Frank Sinton who is the CEO of Beachfront Media, a company that makes an advertising platform for mobile video he says that, “We’d been thinking about an EU extension for the last year, and we took a month long trip to figure out where we wanted to set up base, it became pretty clear among the media and ad community that London was the clear choice. But the leave campaign winning has us completely reevaluating.” 

You may think that given the recent developments on the isle there is going to be some recourse that is not favorable. This is most certainly the case, but what does not naturally follow which would in most cases of industry is the notion that they will be overhauled and taken over by some new hub of industry. The reason being is that there is very little they can do in this regard to really not be seen as a go to, and the sheer fact that there isn’t really anyone who is even positioned to take them to that level and necessitate England’s fall from grace. What I mean by that is the only thing that will happen is an attack to quality and scope but they do not face an existential threat to their holdings. Carter Pilcher, is the head of Shorts international, a video company that specializes in (surprise) and or short form video for a largely concurs with Sintons. “I think it will go from the capital of media in Europe to capital of the U.K. The biggest beneficiary is possibly Germany, but probably the Netherlands, because their regulation system is effective.”

“A lot of American TV type businesses-MTV,CNN, Discovery- are all headquarter in London because it’s a much easier place to live… it’s an enormous set of media companies; And they haven’t yet negotiated what will happen but i am almost certain that the EU will not allow TV networks created outside the EU to broadcast because media is too precious to be regulated outside the trade zone.” This is the state of affairs we find on the isle known as Britain.