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HTML; You Can Do It Too!

Web page design is an industry that will thrive as long as companies see fit to have an internet presence; and that shows no signs of ending right away. Accordingly, people with creative juices and an interest in tech have found very satisfying jobs in this arena. Think web page design might be for you but don’t know anything about it? Here’s a brief overview of what HTML entails.

Wait… What’s HTML? It stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Web page designers use HTML to instruct web browsers on how to format all the text and pictures of a web page to the designers’ specifications. HTML tags determine everything from headings, font, and text size to where videos and links are located on the web page. If you’d like to see the HTML tags that determine how this page is formatted, simply right click and choose “view source.” There you’ll see all the HTML tags enclosed within < (less than) signs and > (greater than) signs.

html2Don’t worry if it looks confusing; it’s a little time-consuming to learn all the HTML tags at first, but it’s easy to use once you just know what everything means. If you’re ready to get started, you can open up the application on your machine that possesses the least tools; on Windows this is Notepad and on Macintosh the application is called SimpleText.

To convey that you want to begin the web page, write <html> in the first line. To initiate the heading, then write¬† <head> in the second line. To initiate the text of the title that will make up the heading, write <title> at the next line. Now you can choose whatever title you want. I’ll choose “Eternal sadnes” and then close the title with the command </title>. Back slashes are used in HTML to end formatting categories. The title all together will now look like:

<title>Eternal Sadness</title>

To end the head, I drop to the next line and write </head>. Now I have my titled heading. Next I’ll start with the body by writing <body>. I drop to the next line and write I am always sad and it makes it hard for happy people to want to be friends with me. Then I close the body using </body>. The whole thing looks like this:


I am always sad and it makes it hard for happy people to want to be friends with me.


To wrap things up on this little introductory project, I tell the browser that my formatting is finished by writing </html>.

firstIf you save this file in Notepad or SimplyText, you an open it in your web browser. Find a drop down menu and pick the Open File option. Open that sucker up and see how it looks. Pretty cool, huh? That’s the basics of web design, now all you need to do is go out and educate yourself on what HTML tags are out there and how you can best use them. When you’re ready to make a web page of your own accessible on the internet, you’ll have to pay for a web server to carry it.