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Data recovery from hard drives and RAID

Data from one’s hard drives and RAID systems can be lost due to number of reasons like malignant viruses, corrupt files or simply when one is unable to open it. This could happen when unknowingly an important system file gets deleted too. Though one often chooses the data backup option in every few days; there are many a time when it is not done on time. That is when data recovery comes into picture. Though data retrieval is difficult but it is definitely possible with help from professionals. Here are a few important points to keep in mind about recovering data from hard drives and RAID systems.

Recovering data from a Hard Drive

Hard drives are used extensively to store data. They are used since many years and many a times loss of data is observed on these. The main points here which can cause loss of data are as follows:

  1. Physical damage: hard drives are prone to mechanical damage If not used properly, the content can be lost immediately. Accidental damage can be through someone who is not aware of it. New people or unknown people can delete the data. Then there can also be spillage on these. They can be destroyed because of water or accidentally stamped by someone. So be very careful and use them accordingly.
  2. There can also be data corruption or reformat of data because of viruses. So be very sure and always use antivirus.

RAID data recovery:

In recent times, the safest option available to store data is RAID. It is considered safest when it comes to data loss. Generally data loss chances are less here as compared to others. They are available in various configurations. The data loss is not common here but if it occurs, recovery is equally time consuming and complicated. The different configurations provide different benefits. They are as follows:

  1. RAID 0: This is the most common types of configuration. But it is not safe as others are. It gives high speed but does not allow one drive to fail.
  2. RAID 1: It is also a popular configuration and allows at least one drive to fail. Its speed is less as compared to RAID 0.
  3. RAID 5 & 6: There speed is pretty good and they also allow at least one drive to fail.
  4. RAID 10 and above: It is expensive type. It allows at least two drives to fail. Provides good speed and safety. If data is lost, then recovery is difficult.

There are multi layered and complex systems too. The recovery here is rather most expensive.

RAID systems are considered one of the safest systems to protect data. It is used widely. But if one loses data through this, it is time consuming and expensive to retrieve it back. One definitely needs an expert as it is not an easy task. There are different types of RAID systems available. Rescuing of data from them is cumbersome. Thus, a professional intervention is always suggestive.

All about Data recovery from Hard Drive

We all store lots of data and information in our computers, laptops, hard drive and flash drives. It may contain all the necessary data about your new business project or some old memories basically in the form of snaps. Losing this data can be very stressful. Imagine if one day all the information in your laptop is gone, then any person can lose his cool. Here comes the process of data recovery. It is a process by which all the lost data can be recovered easily. The loss of data can happen accidentally, or some virus can be the cause or by reformatting your device or by using corrupt files, hard drive failure or even by hacking. Reasons can be many but sometimes it is essential to get back all the data, which can be done conveniently by data recovery process.

How does it work?

Can data recovery process help one to retrieve the lost data? Well, the answer is yes! With the help of data recovery methods, one can certainly get back all the data that is lost. Actually, it depends on the way by which one has lost all the information. There are different data recovery processes and each can be used for specific reason only. There are numerous ways and hence the first step is to ascertain the main cause of data loss. Then only one can further decide on to which process to apply to recover the lost data.

Hard Drive Data Recovery: We all use our hard drives to store information. But sometimes it is found that the files we are trying to open are corrupt. This can happen to anyone as generally hard drives have the major percent of data. Here are some of the reasons of losing data:

  1. The file can be accidentally deleted. This happens when someone who is not known can accidentally delete your important file. One may not be able to locate the file at all. Then it can be recovered easily as many laptops and computers have the back up. The deleted file can be retrieved easily.
  2. The data can be corrupted or it can be affected by viruses. The viruses cause the information to turn unreadable and the person is not able to open the file at all.
  3. The hard drive can also be physically damaged which leads to data loss. This can be due to accidentally dropping it, stepping onto it , if it has been exposed to water. Sometimes another person who is not aware may also tamper with it. These all cause loss of data.

But the good thing is data recovery from hard drive is easy with data recovery gurus. An expert can recover all the data easily. But being cautious and preventing it from damage or virus is very important. Protect your data from all types of viruses or prevent them from corruption as these are the main reasons of data loss. Also be cautious and handle your drives properly. Prevent untoward accidents which can also lead to loss of important data.